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Located in Penrith in the former home of Memphis BBQ Pit at 29 York Road, Jamisontown is Bob’s Burgers and BBQ, a Mecca for all things Burgers and BBQ – an American Burger and BBQ Joint with good sized servings where nobody ever leaves hungry!

Bob’s is the home “Big Boy” Burger, a 3 kilo behemoth standing a good foot tall, comprising of 12 x 1/3lb Beef Patties, 24 x Bacon Eye Rashers, 12 x Slices of American Cheese, House Sauce and Salad. It is the largest, gastronomic burger we make, with protein levels that are off the chart. Whether you want 1 patty up to 12 patties, we have a Beef Burger to suit.

Our Beef Patties are made from 100% pure Australian Beef, 80/20 Chuck, 5 inches in diameter and 1/3lb in every patty. There are no fillers added to the protein, only a mix of 6 seasoning ingredients the only addition to our beef.   

Our Chicken Burgers contain butterflied Breast Fillets, marinated in our special marinade for 24 hours, then breaded in our Southern Fried Breading Mix and deep fried to golden perfection, topped with either Mayo or Chipotle Mayo, Bacon, Cheese and Lettuce, every mouthful is a heavenly bite of pure bliss.

All Bob’s Burgers are available on either a Brioche, Damper or seeded Hamburger Bun, the choice is yours.

If you haven’t tried our Bob’s Burgers, then you haven’t had the best burger available.

Our Hot Dogs are a 1/4lb Smoked Pork Dog, imported from the USA and we claim we have the best dogs you will ever taste. Our buns and dogs are both steamed, with over 50 different toppings available to meet any culinary requirement. Bob’s do make the best Hot Dogs ever with 10 mouth watering varieties on the menu.

Everyone tries to replicate our Cheesy Fries and are unable to perfect our taste or ingredients with our Grated and Liquid Cheese Sauce, generous toppings and topped off with a dollop of Sour Cream, They are on almost every ever customer order at Bob’s.

Our Smoked Meats, some cooked for up to 18 hours include Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Beef Brisket, Chickens and Chicken Wings. We also (to order)  smoke Whole Turkeys and Whole Hogs for your culinary enjoyment. Our meats are all smoked in-house in our 144 cubic feet American Ole Hickory Smokers using both Ironbark and Fruit Woods to infuse the smoky flavours into our meats.

Whether it is Bob’s Starters like Jalapenos Poppers, Onion Rings, Mozzarella or Mac ‘n Cheese Sticks, our bountiful Fries whether Potato or Sweet Potato versions of Cheesy, Chilli Cheesy, Poutine, Nacho or Fries ‘n Gravy, not forgetting our mouth watering Wedges, everyone is catered for at Bob’s

We also supply Kids Meals, Sandwiches (on Giant Damper Rolls), Philly Cheesesteaks, Sides and Sodas, Desserts including our mouth watering Banana Cream Pudding and our famous Key Lime Pie…… just like Momma used to make! 

Bob’s is a Mecca for American Comfort Food, if we don’t make it, we could try to add it to the 80 plus menu items.

We also undertake outside catering for small or large events with our equipment like our

  • 2 tonne trailer mounted smoker,
  • our Whole Hog Smoker,
  • our catering equipment comprising of both hot / cold storage,
  • our 20 foot Catering / Serving Container,
  • our 3 metre Food Trailer
  • our 6 metre x 3 metre Marquee,
  • our own 30 KVA Trailer Mounted Generator
  • we are currently fitting out our Chevy “Ex Fire Service” Step Van as a true American Food Truck, ready 2019

We can cater for any event type with ease. Bob’s have gone to great lengths to be able to cater for all needs and event types from a backyard BBQ through to a multi day Music Event with ease, providing American Comfort Food to the masses.


“Hey Mum, can we go to Bob’s tonight” …

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