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Enjoy your very own piece of Bob’s Burgers & BBQ!

Bob’s Burgers & BBQ are looking to offer franchises to “switched on” people who want to join a business with a passion for good Burgers, Nachos, Fries, Hot Dogs, Cheesesteaks and Southern BBQ Pork, Brisket, Chicken and Whole Hog. Our concept is American Themed and a proven working model – Our business is like no other in the restaurant business, offering not a job but a lifestyle.

We offer a unique philosophy on life, “The food is always better at Bob’s”, and it’s true. Bob’s owners possess the belief that the Franchise Owner of each outlet are “The Face” of their business and with the support of their friendly staff and the Bob’s owners, we can all celebrate the collective success of the business.

At Bob’s we are not individuals, we are a family.

We are looking for Franchisees who want to operate Bob’s Burgers and BBQ Kiosks, Food Trucks or Small, Medium and Large Fast / Casual Operations. Our Franchises offer a 10 year Franchise Agreement, plus the cost of your store fit out. Finance is available to approved applicants for the equipment required to operate your franchise.

“If you are a lover of good food, then a Bob’s Franchise could be the right fit for you.”

With our menu being themed upon the Burger and BBQ Joints of the Southern USA, we believe we are on a winner and are looking to take our culinary fare to the masses throughout Australia.

Please contact us at franchising@bobsbb.com.au and we will have one of our friendly Franchising Staff contact you in relation to your franchise enquiry, or click on this link to complete an Enquiry Form you want to get the ball rolling on a Bob’s Burgers and BBQ Franchise.

I want to become a “Bob’s” Franchisee, how does it work?

There are two ways of becoming a “Bob’s” Franchisee:

  1. Purchase an existing Outlet / Franchise
    Contact our Franchise Department to enquire on existing sites available for sale by completing a Franchise Enquiry Form located on the bottom of this page.
  1. Open a new “Bob’s” store location by identifying a site or region favourable to you that does not have an existing “Bob’s” store.
    Successful applicants will be provided assistance to establish their new store, including assistance with Leasing of Premises, Store Design and Fit-Out, Equipment Leasing and Staff Training.

Contact our Franchise Enquiry Team using the form located on the bottom of this page.

How is a Franchise granted?

Once you have completely read through the Franchise Information provided on the Franchise Page, if you feel you meet the criteria required and have the necessary capital to operate a “Bob’s” Franchise, the process to become a Franchisee is undertaken by following the following steps:

  1. An initial enquiry is made through the form located at the bottom of the Franchising Page, registering your interest in becoming a “Bob’s” Franchisee, providing us with the location you wish to operate and some relevant background information on you
  2. A phone call is then made to you to discuss your Franchise Application interest
  3. Bob’s Burgers and BBQ will then provide you with an email containing a Confidentiality Agreement and Franchise Application Form
  4. Confidentiality Agreement and Franchise Application Form are completed and returned to Bob’s for processing
  5. Once received and processed, more financial information is provided to you for your consideration prior to a commitment being required to proceed
  6. The potential locations are discussed and visited with you by our Franchise Team to ensure suitability
  7. A series of meetings are held between you and Bob’s Management to establish a relationship with you as the prospective Franchisee
  8. Disclosure Documents are provided to you, Franchise Fee Instalment Invoice is submitted for payment
  9. Site is selected, leases are negotiated and executed, Council DA Application and Liquor License (if applicable) are lodged, fit-out is scheduled, and Management Training is scheduled
  10. Fit-out deigns are finalised and approved by all parties and Franchise Agreements are signed, Franchise Fee Second Instalment Invoice is submitted for payment.
  11. Once Council DA is approved, construction agreements are signed with our preferred building contractors for fit-out of the new store
  12. Equipment for fit-out is purchased for supply the site for fitting
  13. Training commences of Management Staff
  14. Construction is completed and a store opening date is set, staff training commences 14 days prior to store opening, Franchise Fee Final Instalment Invoice is submitted for payment
  15. Store is opened under very controlled opening procedures and number of customers to ensure good opening for the store
  16. Bob’s Burgers Franchise Training Staff remain on site for 2 weeks post opening to ensure procedures are followed, addressing any issues and assisting Franchisees and Staff with the transition into a live Bob’s Outlet.
What are the Establishment Costs for a Bob’s Franchise?

The most important question – How much does it cost to become a Bob’s Franchisee?

The cost varies on whether you operate a small Bob’s Kiosk Outlet, a Small, Medium or Large Bob’s Outlet or a Bob’s Food Truck.

It is estimated the cost to Franchise a restaurant is between $160,000 and $400,000 (excluding GST) depending on the site to be developed and operated. It is a requirement that potential Franchisees provide an amount of no less that fifty (50) percent of the establishment costs in unencumbered capital (cash). Bob’s have established a solid relationship with multiple funding providers that specialize in funding for Franchise Lending, but you are not obliged to accept any of our referred financiers and are free to source and utilise your own funders for your individual requirements.

A detailed breakdown will be provided to you once the Confidentiality Agreement and Franchise Application Form are executed and returned.

The Franchisee is solely responsible for all their financing requirements including legal costs, licensing, design plans, applications, leasing costs, improvements, equipment, fixtures, staffing, all stock and opening cash.

Working on the establishment costs listed above, the finance breakdown would be between $80,000 and $200,000 (excluding GST)

These costs listed above are estimates only and may vary from location to location and no reliance on these figures should be made. Fit-out costs to convert a space from bare walls and floor to a functioning restaurant vary from location to location, with plumbing, gas, electrical and equipment requirement costs varying from site to site.

Fess and Terms – How long is a Franchise granted?

Once the Confidentiality Agreement and Franchise Application Forms are completed and approved by Bob’s Burgers and BBQ, plus the acceptance of the terms of the Franchise Agreement and payment of the Franchise Fee, the potential Franchisee has the rights to utilise the Bob’s Burgers and BBQ Intellectual Property for the promotion of their Franchise.

Franchise Fee is currently set at $50,000 (excluding GST) which is paid as follows:

  1. $10,000 plus GST is payable upon signing of the Disclosure Documents provided by Bob’s Burgers and BBQ and before any training is commenced for Franchisees
  2. $20,000 plus GST is payable upon signing of the Franchise Agreement
  3. $20,000 plus GST is payable two weeks prior to the opening of the restaurant
  4. Franchise terms are from the date of signing for a period of 520 weeks (10 years), with a renewal option for a further 260 week (5 year) or 520 week (10 year) extension unless the building lease is for a period of less time in which the renewal terms are to be modified to be in line with the lease on the building
  5. Monthly royalty fees of five (5) percent based upon gross food and beverage turnover, less any promotion, merchandise or discounts given are payable to the Franchisor for the duration of the agreement
  6. Monthly advertising royalty of two (2) percent based upon gross food and beverage turnover, less any promotion, merchandise or discounts given are payable to the franchisor for the duration of the agreement
What is the preferred Location requirements for a Bob’s Outlet?

The minimum requirement for a Bob’s Franchise does depend on the type of Outlet you are looking to open.

Ideal premises would be as follows:

  • Bob’s Kiosk – between 80 – 100 square metres (no seating)
  • Small to Large Restaurant – 200 to 350 square metres

Breakdown for a Small to Large Restaurant with seating would be as follows:

  • Lease period for a minimum of 5 years with a further option of 5 years
  • Seating from 20 to 100 people
  • Kitchen Floor space of 50 to 80 square metres
  • Additional area of 50 square metres for office, dry store and coolroom
  • Adequate toilets as specified by Council
  • Gas connection
  • Adequate power for equipment operations
  • Wi-Fi and Telephone / Fax

You will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before receiving any Franchise information from our company. We do look forward to your enquiry.

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